Large Language Models like OpenAI's GPT-4 are incredibly powerful and can address many tasks. But making them work end-to-end on real-world business problems is very hard. Challenges like using your enterprise data to feed to GPT models, changing the responses they provide to match your needs, validating their output is free of errors, and linking to your product, are all solved by our system. With, you can supercharge your product and service with GPT power in days.

AUTOMATE TASKS solves practical business problems by using large language models. Want to build a custom chatbot that's trained on your data? Perform universal search across every data source? Summarize sales conversations? The possibilities are almost endless.


Ingest data from databases, documents, presentations, help tickets, knowledge base articles, real-time APIs, and data warehouses to make every scrap of information available to the AI models. The smarter it gets, the more it can help your business.


Unlike GPT, where feedback can only be provided for one chat session at a time, learns session after session, day after day, month after month. Human feedback provided in natural language is persisted into the model. Feedback loops help your solution be better and smarter with every user engagement.




Gil brings to Morph's customers more than a decade of AI experience, having served as the Head of Product for Amazon SageMaker, the Head of Product - Machine Learning for Lyft, the Product Lead of Machine Learning Platforms at Meta, and a Product Manager for Google, as well as a two-time Founder.

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David's career began as one of the first 100 employees at Google, contributing to Search, Indexing and Enterprise Search over six years. He went on to become the Chief Technology Officer of Freq, the Principal Engineer of Voyage, and the Chief Architect of Embark Trucks, as well as a two-time Co-Founder.

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Automating Your Customer Engagement

The incredible power of Large Language Models in carrying a conversation is hard to apply to your problem and your data. We empower the models to read any data you have, such as CRM, Sales, or specific domain knowledge base, as well as call any API you have to take action when appropriate instead of just replying with a text snippet. Our solution can learn from human agents and replicate their behavior, adapting content as well as tone. With this, customers realize significant cost savings in automating customer onborading, support, or setup activities.

Querying Databases Without Knowing SQL

Most business users who need to analyze product, customer, or marketing data don't know how to write SQL queries. Meanwhile, the people who are fluent with SQL are inundated with requests to run reports. Thus, built a natural language system that bridges this gap. Business users can type an English sentence, and the AI translates it into a SQL query that pulls the data for them. Gridlock unlocked!

Pulling The Right Data From Unstructured Documents

Parsing information from scanned or digital documents can waste inordinate amounts of time. Every document, from shipping manifests to W-2's, places important information in different places. With proprietary AI models from Morph, documents can be scanned and processed automatically, with fortified optical character recognition (OCR) that knows exactly which data to populate into which database field (or other systems).